Dmitry Klokov
Partnered with world class weightlifter Dmitry Klokov to develop his vision of weightlifting products.

Photo by Erik Raposa
Advanced Clothing Material
Through material research and a strong sourcing network we were able to design a line of fitness clothing (slated to launch late 2016) that is breathable, antimicrobial, and feels great.
Acel Performance
We worked with Acel Performance Compression Gear to develop future patterns designs.
Folding Power Rack
Designed the sturdiest stow away squat rack on the market. The rack allows for extra space inside the garage or small affiliates.
First collapsible drive sled
A collapsible drive sled for Again Faster that allows for the storage of three to four units where just one of its predecessors would sit. The sled has a stored footprint of about 24x10".
Color & durability on a budget
Created the first color coded recycled rubber plates. This concept has been copied by all of the major competitors.
Badge Branding
Again Faster Equipment asked for a badge logo in addition to their linear logo.
Klokov Competition Barbell
Daniele Pagliari of the UK enjoying his new Dmitry Klokov Competition Barbell. Through design and sourcing this barbell changed the industry standards of quality versus price by including $1000 specs for around $350.
CrossFit® South Bay layout before the facility existed.
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